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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Grand Sushi Adventure

When all of our friends and family found out we were moving to Okinawa the number one question was..."I hope you like do don't you?" The answer "No, I don't" was most commonly from me. My husband will eat just about anything you set in front of him and my son is young enough that he hasn't formed an opinion on most foods. Yes I grew up in Southern California, no I did not like sushi. It seems strange to think about it.
In any case, here we are in Okinawa, Japan the heartland of sushi. So for our first adventure I heard about a sushi restaurant by the Sunabe Seawall, where the chef perfected his Sushi skills in Southern California. He also only serves Americans...kind of a relief because it's kind of hard to order your dinner when you don't speak Japanese! So, my husband and I headed out for what was also our first date night since arriving on the island. We went here:

to Sushi Zen. I looked over the menu about fifty times before I finally asked my husband what he thought I should order...I'm no pro remember?
He suggested I start easy, with a California Roll, a combo of crab, avocado, cucumber and rice. I agreed, and it really sounded good so that's what I got.
My husband ordered this monstrous plate of little piles of rice covered by slices of raw colorful fish, and a beautiful roll down the middle. But what he had on his plate that was drool worthy was this spicy sauce blobbed on his roll. Why didn't I get any spicy sauce?
I took my first was cool and refreshing, a little creamy, a little crunchy, and...and...Wonderful! I loved it! I loved it with wasabi...and I could breathe beautifully! I really loved it wtih the spicy sauce, in fact I stole the last roll piece off my husband's plate, the one with the biggest glob of spicy sauce on it, and I relished in my thievery! It was beautiful!
I can now say...I love sushi! I have since found that at the commissary here on base, they employ chefs to make sushi for purchase. It's not like the sushi in the grocery store at home, the ones that look like they have been sitting there for weeks, or like they were once frozen. It is fresh made every day, order your own special made roll kind of deliciousness!
I know what my cheat lunches at work will be from now on! SUSHI!!! (and they make spicy sauce upon request too!)
So, if you have not tried...Try! You never know if you are going to like it or not unless you try it!

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  1. So nice to meet you on TK! You lucky in Japan ~ my hubby served a mission in Nagoya and absolutely LOVED it there! I get to work with cute Japanese high school kids twice a year when they come to visit Utah...I love them!